*Lymphedema is a chronic degenerative and inflammatory condition affecting the muscles, connective tissue, skin, lymph vessels and nodes.  It may be present in the extremities, trunk, abdomen, head and neck and external genitalia. There are two types:
Primary lymphedema cases usually occur if there is a malformation of the lymphatic vessels.  However it can occur at any age.
Secondary lymphedema cases usually occur after surgery or trauma.  It can develop immediately after or during anytime thereafter.
Lymphedema progresses through 4 stages.

Stage 0, also known as latent stage or subclinical stage of lymphedema
Patients may experience early symptoms, such as the feeling of numbness, tingling or fullness in a limb, which is often accompanied by some discomfort. It may be difficult to fit into clothing.  Jewellery may feel tight on affected side.

Stage I, also known as pitting or reversible stage
Body parts such as the arms or legs are visibly swollen. The swelling usually subsides with elevation and the limb may appear normal in the morning.  And as the limb is in a dependent position the swelling will return. Pitting is easily induced by pressing with the thumb, and the indentation produced by this pressure is retained.This early stage is reversible with proper treatment as the skin and tissues are still healthy.

Stage II, also known as spontaneously-irreversible stage
This stage is primarily identified by thickening and hardening of the tissues. The swelling continues to increase, but elevation will rarely help. Pitting still occurs.

Stage III, also known as lymphostatic elephantiasis
There continues to be further increase of swelling, sometimes resulting in extreme proportions. Hardening of the tissue continues and an increase in fat deposits. There will no longer be pitting as the leg becomes extremely hard and heavy.  As well chronic infections will occur.

*Toxins are pesticides, antibiotics and residual hormones in our food, chemicals from food (additives, preservatives), heavy metals from  like mercury, lead and cadmium to name a few.  Anything that puts a burden on our body and produces harm is going to be a toxin.